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 USDOT 3943287   |   TX DMV # 009613788C    

Our customers love us! Competitors hate us! Locally owner-operated, we're here to set new standards for our industry, serving customers with unbeatable value and quality of service!

We specialize in safely and efficiently mobilizing large/Bulky heavy items. From couches to refrigerators, pianos and even vehicles, we have the muscles, equipment, expertise, DMV license and mandatory commercial cargo auto liability insurance to load, haul and offload almost anything (non-hazardous materials) wherever it needs to go. USDOT# 3943287 | TX DMV# 009613788C You can find us in the official TX DMV Motor Carrier Search tool. BBB Accredited business with 0 consumer complaints!

We are  DMV-Licensed, USDOT Common Motor Carrier of Household Goods. We maintain a commercial auto liability insurance with cargo coverage up to $300,000.  Before you choose a mover, check out the TX DMV website  for information regarding how to lookup a mover in the state database to make sure they're properly licensed.

Don't make the mistake of hiring an unlicensed company  you will be responsiible for them as them as would an     employer. If an unlicensed company gets into an accident while hauling your household items, not only could they be lost, but you take responsibilty as their contracted employer. You could be held accountable for medical bills, lost wages, even pain and suffering claims from all parties involved. If you have any assets, it's wise to choose a company that carries a commercial auto liability policy with cargo insurance (this is required to be maintained by the state in order to keep our license.) 

Any company who claims to be insured yet cannot furnish a VALID DMV certificate for carrying household goods is lying. Point blank, many companies are not even registered; some have registration but their certificate was revoked for not maintaining the proper commercial auto liability + cargo insurance, as required by law. Insurance and diesel make up most of our expenditures. Too many companies greedily try and cut corners and not maintain insurance and their certificate gets revoked. Make sure you see a green thumb  👍 whenever you look up your next movers registration with TX DMV

Example of our registration, which can be validated at  this DMV link. Along with any other moving companies (if a record has ever existed for them!)         


Your consumer rights and responsibilities with moving companies can be found in this digital PDF Brochure

The one and only situation it's ok to hire an unlicensed company, if they are loading or unloading the items to or from your (rental) vehicle for you to drive yourself. ONLY. Unlicensed companies are not legally allowed to haul anything for their customers, so you're SOL if something happens to that truck on the way to your new home. If there's a wreck and for some reason catches fire, there goes your stuff, good luck with the insurance claim for a truck that's not yours and a company that's explicitly operating illegally with no commercial liability auto policy.

If you would like to report a moving company, you can do so by calling  TX DMV  :  1-888-368-4869

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